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"Elevating" Your SociaLIFE! Support Black Business!

Black Business Guide

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Black Business Guide


Cultivating A Culture of Consciousness!!!


Buy Black, Shop Black, Gift Giving, “Ask Keith, KeithKNOWS” here's a list of where to find & buy black owned, affordable, quality handcrafted items, unique specialty shops, contemporary/ upscale/ one of kind gifts, artifacts, jewelry, original artwork, all occasion greeting cards, and much more.  "Elevate" your Gift Giving. Local, National, Online shopping. (Gift Cards will do too, use them wisely, check expiration date, policies, etc.)


*Businesses are listed by category from A to Z" New business are added frequently, so check back often.



African Accessories 


Contemporary African design (Ghana/South Africa) is inspiring the global design landscape, pillows, baskets, ceramics, jewelry, candies, bags, home fragrances and more.  (New York)


African fashion, maasai beaded shoes, women and men clothes, string beads, jumpsuits, Senegal duvet cover, curtains, beaded cowrie shell necklace, bombers, swim suits, sneakers, and more. (online)

Afro Centric Network

Art, clothes, jewelry, fabric, hair & body products, essential oils, and holiday/kwanzaa greeting cards, and more. (Georgia)

Afro Threads

Celebrating Black Cultures Through Textiles. Shop Authentic African Fabrics, Accessories, Decor, Books, and more.   (online)

Shades of Afrika

The mind, body and spirit store. Natural care and accessories, wholistic herbs and products, essential oils and aromatherapy, African-American Books, Aromatherapy, Black Art, Body Oils and Incense, Collectibles, Custom Framing, Dashikis, Essential Oils, Holistic Products, Natural Hair Care Products, Natural Hair Salon,and gift products.   (California)

Tackussanu Senegal

Beautiful handmade basket goods and empowering women.  Basket-weaving tradition, eye for detail and love for his native Senegal, formed the basis for an extraordinary collaboration.   (New York)



Black Art In America

Shop for fine art, by Najee Dorsey, John Biggers, Woodrow Nash, Mohammad Bhatti, William Tolliver, Buchi Aghaji, Abiola Akintola, Delita Martin, Faith Ringgold, David Driskell, Elizabeth Catlett, and many many more. (Georgia)

Gems of Africa Gallery

Shona sculptures, Iron wood sculptures, masks, South African pottery and tribal artifacts.  (Georgia)

September Gray Gallery

African American fine art gallery, emerging artists, solo and group, contemporary works, mixed media, abstractionists, painters. (Georgia)

Zucot Gallery

Largest African American fine art gallery in the SE. Mix media, contemporary art, international collection, original works, many artists from a multitude of cultures and artistic disciplines. (Georgia)

Baby Products

Cooper Rose Baby

Eco friendly baby brand, diaper covers, flat & fitted diapers, wipes, nursing products, apparel and more.  (Illinois)

 My Proud Baby Products

Baby goods/kids goods. Pan African flag swaddle, blanket sets, greeting cards, posters, and more. (California)


Bank & Credit Unions


Modern banking for the culture, mobile banking experience for black, latinx customers. (online)


Mobility bank account, empowering black households.   (online)

One United Bank

America’s largest black-owned bank creating a nationwide network to empower black America, socially, and financially. (online)


Beauty & Health Products/Grooming

Belnouvo Beauty

Hair, Body, Face, Hair regimens, avocado + shea collection, coco caster collection, cocoa butter, body milk, facial toners, twist out trio, scalp care and more (Texas)

Bevel Men Grooming

Grooming tools, trimmers, face wash, shampoo, beard softener, soaps, deodrants, body lotion and more.  (California)


The perfect bandage for brown skin, FDA approved, latex free.  (Ohio)

Charlie Renee

Vegan handmade body butters, hair & body butters, lip butter, hair grown serum, face serum, scrubs and soaks, hair pomade, Jamaican castor oil, aromatherapy and more.    (Virginia)

Coral Oral

What's So Different?Not only are these toothbrushes more aesthetically pleasing, you differentiate each brush by its pattern and not by its color. Our company is proudly black owned and highlights oral health facts including a Black history fact that we all should know!  

Foot Nanny

Foot and hand protein cream, peppermint, tea tree oil, chocolate cream, lemon cream, eucalyptus, parsley sage, foot tubs, and more. (California)

Herb N’ Eden

Herbal soaps & Body care, plant based handcrafted self care. Whipped body butters, body oils, deodorant, body washes, body scrubs,  soaps, (neem & chlorella, grapefruit & Himalayan pink salt and more), accessories, bath salts bundles and more. (Georgia)

Human Race

A new universe dedicated to the everyday pursuit of wellbeing by Pharrell.  Skincare, humidifying cream, lotus enzyme exfoliator, rice powder cleanser, vegan, fragrance free, gluten free, cruelty fee. (online)

Manhattan Grey

Vegan pomade, just the right mixture of organic, vegan-friendly oils, combined with Vitamin E. Once the prototype was complete, I started using Manhattan Grey regularly and almost instantly saw a noticeable change in the way my hair retained moisture. Embrace your gray!  (New York)

MDB Grooming

Men grooming, products, tools, knowledge.  Hair, beard, skin care. Accessories.  (Georgia)

One Root Store

Create all natural blends from botanicals, fruits, veggies, herbs, spices promote overall health.  Caribbean ocean sea moss, vitamins, elderberry, turmeric, lion's mane capsules and more. (online)

Scotch Porter

Handmade men grooming and wellness products, beard care,  hair care, beard wash/conditioner, fragrances, accessories. (online)

Shop Well Costore

Gum healing toothpaste, carbon pulling perspirant, pit tox, mouth breath spray, castile soap, mist spray deodorant, ph dish soap, all purpose cleaner, toothache ointment, hand lotion and more. (North Carolina)


Clean beauty, almond shower praise, coco mango body vow, jojoba lotion spray, body scrubs, body souffles and more.  (Georgia)

SW & G Essentials

Skincare, loofah soap cleansers, eco friendly, handcrafted, aftershave crème, soaps, acne masks, neem oils, shea butter ecopack, hand soaps, and more.  (Texas)

The Clean Cargo Project

Giving businesses and organizations a chance to  participate in a hygiene drive.  Collecting items like a bar of soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair shampoo, lotion etc. We have a cool party while packing up the items. Then we donate items to local Elementary students who lack proper hygiene products daily.  (Georgia)

Uncle Jimmy Products

Beard care, beard oils, balms, shaving creams & gels, hair, beard and body wash, beard growth oils, body lotions, molding putty, conditioners.  (Georgia)

Yangu Beauty

Natural Skincare, rooted in Ancient African beauty wisdom.  Wild harvested African botanicals, safe for sensitive skin. (Texas)



Black Dot Cultural Center

Afrikan culture and heritage.bookstore and coffee shop. (Georgia)

Book Boutique Atl

One of Atlanta's ultimate premier African American Owned Multi-Cultural Book Stores.  (Georgia)

For Keeps Bookstore

Purchase rare and classic black  (Georgia)

Medu Bookstore

Afrocentric books, videos, magazines, greeting cards, and more.  (Georgia)

Mahogany Books

Fiction, non fiction, children, young adults, children (Washington, DC)



Breweries & Wineries/Alcohol

Abbey Creek Vineyard

Hip Hop Winery, chardonnay, sparkling blanc de noir, pinot noir rose, sparkling pinot gris, mélange noir, cabernet sauvignon, and more. (Oregon)

Downhome Brewery

Georgia Hooch IPA, T-Porn pomegranate wheat and more. (Georgia)

Equiano Rum

Multi-award winning, the world’s first African & Caribbean rum.  (Online)

Khonso Brewing

Placebo syndrome/strawberry and peach sour stout, eclectic beers, bold flavors and aromas.  (Georgia)

Our Culture Brewing Co.

Craft beers.  (Georgia)

Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is a brand of Tennessee whiskey produced by Uncle Nearest, Inc., headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The whiskey is named after the formerly enslaved man, Nathaniel "Nearest" Green, who taught a young Jack Daniel the craft of distilling.   (Tennessee)

Children/ Toys and more

Black Star Collectibles

Your source for Black Pop Culture toys, comic books, and merchandise. 

Brown Toy Box

Cultural books, STEAM projects & activities, classroom décor, fun content for kids. (ages 4 to 12)  (Georgia)


Dream Jammies

Young girls, sleepwear, stain bonnets, cotton pajamas (Georgia)

HarperIman Dolls

Dolls of Color, positive affirmations, custom dolls, keepsake dolls, and more. (online)

Puzzle Huddle

Jigsaw puzzles for children from diverse backgrounds.  (Washington DC)

Orijin Bees

Multi-cultural dolls, various skin complexions, hair textures. (Online)

Nia Ballerina

Nia Ballerina is a UK based company and we have designed musical jewelry boxes with black ballerinas. (online)

Qai Qai Dolls

 A doll belonging to Alexis Olympia Ohanian, the daughter of American professional tennis player and winner of 23 Grand Slam titles, Serena Williams.   (online)

Cleaning Products

Derx Wipes

Natural product surface cleaners, no harsh chemicals, peppermint oil, lavender oil, orange oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil wipes  (Minnesota)

Good Vibes Plant Based Cleaners

All natural pure cleaners, sandalwood, nao champa, frankincense & myrrh.  (Philadelphia)

Laura Kay Innovations

Green cleaning solutions, air freshener, all purpose multi-surface cleaner, biodegradable green dish soap, green degreaser, hand sanitizer(alcohol free), and more.  (Georgia)


Clothing & Accessories

Cedric Brown Collections

Colorful, capes, dusters, face masks, kimonos, scarves, socks, squares/ties. (Georgia)

Chocolate Ancestors

Pan African accessories, apparel, footwear, gifts, umbrellas, pan African watch bands and more.  (Indiana)

Girls & Curves Boutique

Jumpsuits, rompers, eyewear, maxis, dresses, footwear(sneakers, sildes).  (Georgia)

Izzy & Liv

Shower curtain, backpacks, clothes, frames, pajamas, sweatshirts, t-shirts and more.  (New Jersey)

Lambino Sport

The core value of Lambino Hair Co is to put a smile on every womans face, and that includes, thick, long-lasting, beautiful hair. Likewise Lambino Sport another branch of the Lambino Brand, launched in March of 2019. Now women all over the world can rock beautiful hair and look fabulous in comfortable, stylish, hand painted athletic wear.  (Georgia)

Love Vera Lingerie

Women’s lingerie,  robes, lace, garter, harness, curvy collection, lingerie sets, bodysuits, nudes, bustiers, bras, bralettes, panties,  teddies and more. (California)

Morgs Creates

Handcrafted crocheted/knitted beanies, scarves  (Georgia)

Nagast Footwear

Design, manufacture and distribute custom sneakers, athletic footwear for men and women.  Slippers, sneakers, boots, clothes, hoodies, tees, running sneakers, custom sneakers. (Georgia)


Men & Women, black cartoon & civil rights leaders hoodies, dashiki hoodies,, ancient Egyptian bedding sets, fleece jogger sets, african jewelry, jigsaw puzzles, civil rights leaders rugs, ’68 olympics polo shirts,  shorts, car seat covers and more.  (online)

P-X-W Fit Factory

Men & Women fitness, shorts, leggings, Jump rope, t-shirts (California)

The Looke

 All hats are adjustable. Chic and Affordable Fashion.   (California)

TNT Goods

Sweatshirts, jewelry, enamel pins, buttons, coasters, keychains, unique accessories and home décor.  (Tennessee)


Deliver Services

The Better Buggy Deliver Service

Same day delivery service for everyday essentials and fresh produce from blackowned farms, stores.  (Georgia)

Black and Mobile

The country's first Black-Owned Food delivery service that exclusively partners with Black-Owned Restaurants so they can increase their customer base and get more exposure. *Black and Mobile only delivers within a six mile radius from the restaurant!  (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan)


Eye Wear

Kai Alce' Eyewear

At once accessible and exclusive, the unmistakable blend that marks Kai Alcé’s music is now reflected in the international producer’s new, limited-edition glasses collection, Kai Alcé Eyewear. (Georgia, Michigan)

Nurilens by JuNuri

Wooden eyewear with blue light blocking lenses(from computers, phone, electronics), prescription options, sunglasses for men and women.   (Washington, DC)


Farms & Gardening

Barn Owl Garden

Stainless steel garden tools, garden gloves, bucket hats, nonslide shears. (Georgia)

Georgia Roots Farm

Leafy greens and microgreens farm, with arugula, collards, kale, mixed salad greens, mustards, pea and sunflower shoots, turnips, wheatgrass. (Georgia)

Herban Farm NW

Hot honey sauces, rubs, seasonings, sauces, salts & peppers and health & beauty products (Washington)

Lomar Farms

Raw honey, beeswax candles, bags, beeswax tapers. Bath & Body, organic soap,  body juice, pure castle soap, body lotion.  ((New York)

Nature’s Candy Farms

Produce, eggs, alkaline water, garden, yoga, veggie bags, non gmo produce, free range eggs, coaching services for gardening.  (Georgia)

Patchwork City Farms

Markets/CSA, farm shop, farmers market, produce, veggies, and more. (Georgia)




Basil me Lemonades

Basil infused non sugary, health benefit beverages, with flavors like, blueberry, elderberry, strawberry, wheatgrass, and original. (Georgia)

Bon Appetit Y’all by Carlton

Gourmet condiments subscription program introducing sassy sauces, seasonings, sweets and savories. (Georgia)

Caribbrew Coffee

Haitian American coffee, caribbean spice, roast kcups, coconut rum Haitian coffee, coffee filter bags, coffee scrub, and more. (New Jersey)

Catered Cakes

Some of the company’s signature desserts include the award-winning New Orleans Style Bread Pudding with a Bourbon-Rum Sauce, Tropical Carrot Cake, Chocolate Mousse Torte and the Island Breeze Cheesecake which was featured in the June 2003 and 2003 Year End issues of Southern Living Magazine.   (Georgia)

Cocovaa Chocolatier

Finest cacao beans, ganaches, bars, barks, caramels, mousses and more.  (Wisconsin)

Confectionist Bakery

Rocky road cheesecakes, sweet potato pound cake, amaretto poundcake, cake bons, chocolate cake, nana pudding cheesecake, coconut layer cake, pecan pie, sweet potato pie and much more. (Georgia)

Cup of Te’

Organic teas, and teaware.  Sencha green, jasmine, earl grey, berry, coconut, lemon ginger, chai.  (Candada) (Canada)

Good Girl Chocolates

Milk fudge chocolate, coconut pecan scotchie, brownie batter, vegan, paleo, dairy free, no table sugar, soy free, non gmo, organic plant based sweetners.  (Oklahama)

Harlem Chocolate Factory

Chocolates, cookies, turtles, assortments, white, dark, milk chocolates. (New York)

Juju Alkaline Water

Alkaline water delivery, recyclable glass bottles. (Georgia)

Just Add Honey Tea Company

Loose-leaf teas, black tea gift set, elderberry syrup kit, latte gift set, matcha teas, roobois, cacao chai, tea strainers, black coconut, and more.  (Georgia)

Kales Kitchen

Kale chips, original gourmet, ranch, cheeze.  (Maryland)

Majestea Tea Company

Health & Wellness Teas, lemon ginger, sorrel, sweet tea, wellness tea, loose tea & infuser sets.  (Georgia)

Miss D's Pralines

New Orleans style Pralines, Gourmet Popcorn. (Georgia)

Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Designer chocolates, build a box, business gifting (salted vanilla caramel, salted bourbon caramel, dark chocolate and more) (Tennessee)

Sailor’s Brew Coffee

Jamaica blue mountain coffee & Ethiopian coffee, apparel, drinkware, storage. (California)

Sammy Cheezecake

Signature flavors, red velvet, strawberry, german chocolate, vanilla, yellow, lemon, chocolate, and more.  Handmade from scratch. (Georgia)

Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn

Flavors, austin smoke bbq, banana pudding, corn on the cobb, chicken n’ waffles, momma’s friend chicken, mac n cheese.  (Texas)

The Cookie Society

They use real butter, high quality ingredients, chocolate chip, banana pudding, cookies and cream, chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, salted caramel cookies,  over 70 flavors.  (Texas)

Vicky Cakes

Vegan friendly pancake mixes, blueberry, pecan, chocolate chip, dairy free options too, cooking tools. (Indiana)



Issa Black Thang Game

Fun charades game for the culture, revisits favorite past times, movies, music, and so much more.  (Texas)



Gift Companies

A Gentlemen’s Trove

Men gift boxes, valuable collection of assorted gifts for men for everyday, all occasions, anniversaries, etc.  (Georgia)



Greeting Cards

Culture Greetings All Occasion Cards

Culturally relevant greeting cards printed and mailed digitally for you… for holidays, birthdays, thank you, religion & spirituality and more.  (Georgia)

Gun, Firearm, Training

Provectus Group

Training, shopping, active shooter, certification, firearm instructions, etc.   (Georgia)

My Sister Keeper Defense

Effectively teach a million women how to defend themselves with firearms. Empowering women and make sure that no one else becomes a victim. Classes, training.     (Atlanta)

Black Roots Training Academy

Black Roots Training Academy offers License to Carry (LTC) and Basic pistol and rifle courses for the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. We focus on educating the community on lawful firearms ownership and proper training. BRTA pride ourselves with going above and beyond to make sure our family (Clients) receives the best service.  (Texas)



Fruition Hat Company

Hat styles, fedora, wide brim, boater, top hat, flat caps, panama, derby, porkpie, bolero, godfather, bowler, trilby.  (Georgia)

Home Décor & Accessories

Adorned Abode

Our mission is to create a heartwarming experience when you shop with us. Selling locally made goods, fair trade items, and supporting small business is what we are all about.  (Washington)


African, blankets, baskets, throws, scarves, bags, masks, clothing, wall art, jewelry and more. (New York)

Eclipse Home Linen

Home linen, essentials, towels, family owned.  Mali mud cloth designs and patterns and classic styles, solid colors, hotel style, quality. (Atlanta)

Freres Branchiaux Candle Company

3 young bros, vegan candles, cinnamon, amber, lavender, lime, vanilla, candles and more. (Maryland)

Harlem Candle Company

Harlem Renaissance candles, cocktail glass collection,  candle sets, reed diffusers, room sprays.  (New York)

Jungalow Désigns

Wall paper, planters, outdoor/indoor décor, quilts, pillows, duvet sets, wall hangings, e-gift cards, recycled gift paper, blankets, and more. (California)

Lakay Designs

African inspired, bedding, clothes, art, lampshades, African print, rugs, chair covers, wall art, place mats, and more.  (Colorado)

Linoto Pure Linen Design

Beddings, baskets, sheets, towels, curtains, kitchen & dinnerware, jewelry, scarves, sandalwood art, mugs, pillows, accessories, journals and more. (New York)

Lock it Plates

 Microwaveable to go containers, party plates w/cup holder, usable as steam bowl & salad mixer. (Ohio)

Moroccan Furniture Décor

Moroccan style, wooden artwork, tile fountain, chairs, vases, panels, doors, lighting, vintage furniture and more. (Florida)

Plantsketball Planters

Basketballs, soccer balls, used as planters, made out of snakeskin, leather, etc.  Nike, Jordan, Spalding, floral, and more. (Oregon)

Rayo & Honey

Etched mirrors, canvas pennants, heavy weight canvas totes, etched acrylic lettering, and more.  (New York)

Reflektion Designs

African Ankara prints, fans, bags, baskets, accessories, phone cases, jewelry, fabric, scarves, tableware and more.  (Georgia)

The Muted Home

 Wooden spice racks, glass spice jars, everlasting candles, teak bowls, golden measuring cups, gold flatware, gunmetal measuring cups, leather napkin rings, and more.  (online)


Ujamaa Lighting

Founded in 2019, the Ujamaa Lighting brand strives to provide you with high-quality LED solutions for ALL your lighting needs.   (Texas)


Akwaaba Bed & Breakfast Inn

B & B has 14 ft ceilings, ornate fireplaces, afrocentric elegance, a secluded garden, personal concierge, shaded courtyard.  In addition to the Brooklyn, New York location, they own others in  (Washington DC, Philadelphia, Cape May, New Jersey )as well.

Courtyard Atlanta Buckhead

Contemporary rooms offer free WiFi and flat-screen TVs with premium cable channels, plus desks, minifridges and coffeemakers. Suites and upgraded rooms add living areas with pull-out sofas, while some have microwaves.  (Atlanta)

Hyatt Centric Midtown Atlanta

Gaze out upon the glittering skyline of Atlanta from each of our 194 rooms and suites. All come with minifridges, blackout curtains, and modern décor. Choose the Presidential Suite—our largest—for 1,167 square feet of space to live, play, sleep, and dine.  (Atlanta)

La Maison

Seven room bed and breakfast, guest rooms outfitted with luxury amenities expected in a five star hotel, private spa bath, walk in shower, jacuzzi tub.   (Texas)

Roberts Riverwalk Urban Resort Hotel

Boutique Hotel, featuring 106 elegant guest rooms, 3 level penthouses, rooms have 12ft ceilings, picturesque views of the Detroit River, and Canada in a distance. An outdoor swimming pool, meeting space, fitness center, other onsite amenities.  (Michigan)

Salamander Resort & Spa

168 room, 340 acres, spa, outdoor activities, zip lining, hiking and horseback riding, biking, bike to wineries.  (Virginia)

The Oak Bluffs Inn(Martha’s Vineyard)

10 room Victorian Inn, walking distance to restaurants, bike rides to Inkwell Beach, picnic at Ocean Park, guided tour along the African American Heritage Trail.   (Massachusetts)



Bamboozle by Lavalis

Handcrafted natural bamboo silver, bone jewelry, earspears, bracelets, necklaces, loc ties, belts, earrings and more.   (Louisiana) 

Be Beadiful Jewelry

Brass, stainless steel earrings, necklaces, stretch bracelets. (Texas)


Sentimental jewelry, creator of the VOTE necklace, custom, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets.  (California)

Chiegeshiuka Agu Jewelry

 Handmade polymer clay earrings, beaded earrings, gilded stone hoops, bracelets, agate earrings, motherland earrings, and more.   (online)

Cocoacentric Jewelry

Handmade gold cowrie shell pendant necklaces, 24k gold vermeil cowrie shell, necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets, bolga African fans and vintage accessories. (online)

Eartha Watches

Men & Women watches. (Philadelphia)

Human Before Handles

Earrings, rings, necklaces, lit handbags, sunglasses, cozy socks, and more.  (Georgia)

Kin Watches

Unisex Afrocentric Watches (California)

Rook and King Lapel Pins

Handmade luxury lapel pins. (North Carolina)

Serendipitous Project Jewelry

Vintage, up-cylced and made to order accessories celebrating the past, art, nature. (New York)

Talley & Twine Watches

Men & Women watches, wallets, handbags, belts, and more. (Virginia)

Timbuktu Art Colony

Handcrafted  cultural jewelry, african masks, artifacts, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more.  (Georgia)

Vanleles Diamonds

Bring the voice of Africa to fine jewellery, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.   (United Kingdom)

Leather Goods & Bags

Aakofii Leather Designer

Handcrafted leather belts, tops, bottoms, neckpieces, bags, cuffs, silver jewelry, leather jackets, for men and women. (Georgia)

C2bN(Created To Be Noticed) Bags

Multifunctional, adjustable strap leather and durable canvas bags, wallets, vacuum flasks, clothes and more. (Georgia)

Dani Lin

Limited edition designs are handmade from Italian leather and custom fabrics, totes, should bags, cross body bags, backpacks, wallets, totes. (Georgia)

Ivory B Bags

High-end African contemporary bags made with authentic mudcloth from Mali made on Motherland wholesale and worldwide shipping.  Weekender bag, crossbody bag, clutch, fanny pack, toiletry bag, laptop bag, pouch, keychains and accessories.  (New York)

Odin Leather Goods

 Accessories, bags, belts, travel, wallets, desk and writing, and more. (Texas)

RAW Handbags

 Unique handmade designer statement making handbags that will compliment your wardrobe. RAWH are designed for ALL women to; “Wear fearlessly, Spread womanhood and Inspire other women to be phenomenal.” Each handbag is named after a powerful iconic woman, creating an inspiring relationship between the woman wearing the bag and the woman the bag is inspired by.  (New York)

Smith & Lee Handmade Leather Goods

Handmade leather, watch straps, bags, wallets, card holders, luggage tags, keychains, bracelets and more. (Georgia)


Blavity News

Media/News company.  News and commentary on culture for the millennials.  (online)

Music & Audio  Products

House of Marley

Audio products crafted with sustainable materials, high quality performance. Bluetooth speakers, headphones, turntables and more. (California)

Moods Music

Music store, Underground Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, House & Everything else that creates a mood.  (Georgia)


Spas & Well Being/Self Care

Celestial Spa

Services: massages, facials, peels, hand and foot care, microblading, micro-needling, body treatments, waxing(hair removal) gentlemen’s treatments, spa packages. (Georgia)


A cannabis brand,  an alternative, holistic solution to customers, naturally, by processing and manufacturing industrial hemp plants, natural herbs, and organic vegetables. Help alleviate aliments with products such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, ADHD, pain, autism, mood swings, PTSD, inflammation, soreness, fatigue, acne, eczema, migraines, and psoriasis. The products can also cure the cue-induced craving and anxiety for people who suffer from opioid addiction.”   (North Carolina)

IWI Fresh Spa

Farm to Skin spa, Spa services, spa products, hot shaves, beard trim, facials, hair coloring, hair cuts, natural home remedies and more.  (Georgia)

Shine Self Care App

Self-Care App Shine Offers Free Meditations Specific to Black Well-Being.  (online)

Toned by BaggedEm

Black yoga mats, gym bags, affirmation mats and more.  (New York)

Tattoo Artists

Art Made Rich

No matter the medium, tatoo artist Rich creative approach is to generalize common issues and concerns that frequent his tattoo sessions.  Drawing seems fit from reality.   (New York)

City Of Ink

A Custom Tattoo Parlor and Art Gallery, specializing in clean line work, bold color and realistic shading  (Georgia)

Royal Flush Tattoos

Body piercing, advance, specialty, and more. (Tennessee) 


Afro Tech

Daily e-mails for all things black in tech, conferences and web platform.  (online)

Optimal Tech

Optimal technology corporation.  Maker of VIA, a natural efficient, revolutionary new solar module. (Georgia)


Global athletic training & rehab product tech company, enhancing human performance and injury prevention. Weighted anti-grip gloves, weighted training basketball, power suit, gift sets, and more.  (Texas)



ATL-Cruzers Guided City Tours

Provide tours of Atlanta, by seqways, electric cars, trolley car tours.  (Georgia)


Travel Noire

A digital media company serving millennials of the African Diaspora. Through inspired content, we help discerning travelers, discover, plan and experience a new destination. (online)

14 Queer Black Owned Etsy Shops to Support Right Now | Supermaker



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