KeithKNOWS Been There, Ate There!  Let Petit Marche, 1984 Hosea L. Williams Drive NE, Atlanta 30317  Luv, Luv, Luv this place…one more time….Luv it!

It’s a sunny warm Sunday morning, my dining guest and I were up early to avoid the long lines at the restaurant, to be exact 8am or was it 8:30am, oh well, we were up at the crack of dawn..LOL   At the restaurant, we received a warm greeting, chose our food item from the menu and paid for it and headed to our numbered table.  The menu is very diverse, my dining guest had the oatmeal with pure maple syrup topped with fresh fruit and toasted pralines on the side, the pralines were so good, yes, she shared some with me. (LOL) Now, I kept it simple, I had egg whites, chicken sausage, potatoes and a refreshing glass of herbal water.  The food was very delicious, well seasoned, bursting with flavor.  So that was my first visit, on my 2nd visit, you KNOW me, if I like it, I’m back and spreading the news…..LOL  So on my 2nd visit it was brunch time, I had a basil pesto chicken panini, scrumptious!!!  My dining guest, guess what he had recommended by me, since he’s vegan, the oatmeal..(LOL)  The restaurant is quaint, family owned and operated, reminds me of a café in Virginia.  The restaurant do not take reservations, they offer breakfast, brunch, sandwiches(Paninis), salads, soups from scratch, and is kid friendly.  So if you are an early bird, you know the early bird catches the worm, you can avoid waiting in line.  I know you gonna try it, call me, we gotta be there no later than 8:30am, oh by the way, they have outdoor seating, parking and a pretty decent size seating area. You got my #, call me…..Luv that place!

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KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There, Flower Child, 3500 Around Lenox Drive, ste 207,  Atlanta 30326 (buckhead) 

There’s a new health conscious restaurant in town, across from Lenox, in the area known as “Shops Around Lenox” their motto, “Happy Food for a Happy World”.  “Flower Child” is its name, can you dig it? It’s the sister restaurant to another great restaurant, “True Food” which is at Lenox Mall.  The décor is modern and colorful,  the atmosphere trendy, the food tasty, and it’s very popular.

Flower Child offer healthy salads, soups, sandwiches, bowls, wraps, plates, the food is organic, local, something for everyone, vegetarian, vegans, yes, they have grass fed meats, naturally raised, no additives, non GMO, sustainable foods also.

I had the  “Mother Earth” bowl, finger lickin’ good, oh, let me tell what’s in the bowl, well… leafy greens, ancient grains, sweet potatoes, portabello mushrooms,, avocado…my mouth is watering already, I’m not done yet, cucumber, broccoli pesto, charred onions, red pepper, hemp seed, drizzle with a miso vinaigrette. (you can a protein, chicken, salmon, steak, tofu) oh by the way, the salad dressing are sugar and dairy free)

Spread a lil’ Peace, Love,  checkout Flower Child on your next buckhead visit, you’ll be glad you did.

Greens and Gravy, Atlanta, GA
KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!  Greens & Gravy Restaurant(Westview Neighborhood), 1540 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta (West End)

Goodness Gracious!!!! 

It’s a rainy or shall I say, “Liquid sunshiny day”, you catch my drift, no pun intended (LOL), well back to my review. My best friend and I took a stroll/walk on the Westside checking out the shops, businesses, cafes, etc…now of course, the main reason we were there was to see what all the fuss was about the new restaurant, Greens & Gravy.   We entered the restaurant to a warm and welcoming host that advised us there was a waiting list, we didn’t wait long, about 10 minutes.  The small intimate restaurant was packed with a diverse crowd, we sat by the window, of course, the best view in the restaurant. After much debate we decided to order appetizers, one for me and one for my friend(LOL), we’re hungry! (LOL)  I had the pecan corn bread served in a hot skillet which they brought to my table, cautious..the skillet, it’s hot! My friend had lemon pepper asparagus, the best we've ever had, I know it was soaked in the lemon pepper sauce, just heavenly! After devouring the appetizers, we were ready for the main course, we both decided on fresh grilled salmon topped with mixed greens…delicious!!! After licking the plate(just teasing), it was finger licking good. (LOL)  We decided on dessert to go, I had the peach cobbler pound cake with vanilla ice cream and my friend, fresh housemade banana pudding, we tore it up in the car on our way home. (LOL)

To drink we had an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade/half tea)…the menu also has Kool Aid, you heard me….LOL

We enjoyed our experience, excellent customer service, delicious, fresh comfort food. So what are you waiting for? You must visit, Greens & Gravy, reservations are suggested and available on If you go, be sure to take me with you, lets avoid weekends, they are packed. I’m ready, lets do it!

KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!   Babalu Tapas & Tacos, 33 Peachtree Place NE, Midtown Atlanta 30309 (404) 900-9595

Meet me @ Babalu’s.. On the corner of 9th & West Peachtree is the new midtown restaurant, Babalu, serving creative tapas and tacos.  Now, I was so excited about the grand opening that I was there a week in advance(LOL), of course, there was no food, just drinks, in keeping with their great customer service, I was invited back on another day for complimentary tacos.  It’s a Saturday afternoon, my dear friend and I made plans to meet at Babalu’s and see what the buzz was all about.  We were seated outside on the dining patio with the yellow awning, you can’t miss it, it’s quite bright. (LOL)  My friend and I both were in the mood for brunch, we both ordered, Tacos Desayuno, a breakfast favorite served in 3 homemade corn tacos(scrambled eggs topped with avocado, pico de gallo, crispy potato hash, drizzled with  sriracha-lime crema, now I heard you say, what is sriracha-lime crema…allow me, it’s just lime juice, sriracha and sour cream whipped together) We both enjoyed every morsel, it was delicious!  Now I had water to drink and my friend had a pomegranate mimosa, sounds good huh, he said it was, I should know, he had 2. (LOL) We both passed on dessert, now you know sweetness is my weakness, how about if it still tell  you what they have, I’ll feel better…  a Kahlua caramel cheesecake, cayenne chocolate truffles, cinnamon bread pudding and a Tres Leches cake(sponge cake, citrus whipped cream, and blackberry maple syrup), is your mouthwatering yet, mine sure it..LOL

The concept behind Babulu is latin inspired, homemade, small plates for sharing, now sharing is optional of course. They also offer a kids menu, creative cocktails, brunch,  table side fresh guacamole, 2 outdoor patios, the atmosphere is high energy. We experienced the best customer service from start to finish, it’s their first restaurant in the ATL, so show them some Love. I will definitely be back, look for me on the patio, feel free to join me, while I sip on my virgin margarita.

Bezoria, 903 Peachtree St, Midtown Atlanta 30308 Have you been to Bezoria?  I’ve walked past this café many times, however, on this day I was compelled to check it out.  I was greeted warmly and they were very attentive and reviewed the menu with me.  The menu is quite diverse, offering Eastern Mediterranean food, fast, fresh and very delicious. Bezoria’s also has items such as salads, bowls, shawarmas(lamb, chicken, steak)  and a vegan sampler.   Now, I wanted something simple, so I had lentil soup and falafel.  The lentil soup was flavorful, seasoned well and the falafel with tahini sauce satisfied my hunger. What I like about Bezoria, most items are housemade such as their baked pitas, delicious sauces and my falafel was cooked fresh, not frozen, you know what I mean. (LOL) It’s a very casual, laidback environment with outdoor seating, so if you want good fast fresh food Mediterranean style, Bezoria is the place.  Now how did I forget about that memorably delicious apricot ginger tea, “Da Bomb”   I’m so glad I decided to check them out, I’ll be back, may today, naw, next week, naw, the weekend, perhaps.  (LOL)

Image result for live edge atl pics food images
Live Edge Atlanta Restaurant & Bar, 792 Cascade Rd SW, Atlanta   (404) 758-0015 
Hours:  (Closed Mon, Tues) Wed, 5pm-Midnight, Thurs-Saturday, 5p-1am  Sunday Brunch, 10-am-4pm   Sophisticated Sunday Sensation!!!! It's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, my dear friend Bessie from Minneapolis is in town, we are both ready for brunch.  So we headed West(smile) as in SW Atlanta, I've heard great things about this new swanky sophisticated spot called, Live Edge Atlanta, we decided to check it out. The host greeted us at the door with a cheery and warm smile and our waiter was very informative and attentive.   Oh, let me backup, the restaurant has valet parking for $5, nice, huh.  The ambiance is lively, hip, cool, comfortable and very artsy. The soulful, jazzy, and diverse music elevates your experience. We both loved the décor, modern, very stylish, the walls have oversized artwork of Maya Angelou, Marvin Gaye and Muddy Waters, original photography by Jim Alexander and original artwork by Cedric Smith and DL Warfield.   Ok now let me get back on track and talk about the food, the food, the food, the food, one more time, the food (LOL) We decided on "Nates Southern Breakfast", which consist of 2 eggs any style, turkey bacon, buttermilk biscuit, sawmill gravy and cheese grits with a touch of jalapeno....OMG, heaven sent, very good! Now, there's more items on the menu such as salads, small plates, big plates, vegetables, dinner items such as Atlantic Salmon, Pecan crusted chicken breast, Farmers market veggies, Lobster and grits, desserts and much more, reasonably priced. We shared the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Chantilly cream, delish!  You can enjoy weekly entertainment by local and national artists.  This a great spot for artists, musicians and a welcomed addition to the community.  I'm looking forward to hosting an event at Live Edge which by the way they can assist with your private or group event. Live Edge offers dinner and Brunch, not breakfast or lunch.   I'm excited to go back in the evening and checkout some of the artists, come go with me, see you there!
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KeithKNOWS Been There, Ate There!   26 Thai Kitchen Restaurant & Bar, 541 Main Street(by the Lindbergh MARTA station ) Atlanta  A Papaya salad with shredded papaya, you heard me, proceed…crunchy green beans, sliced tomatoes, peanuts and a mild sweet and sour dressings, with just the right amount of spice(heat).  It’s a breezy cool Saturday, I just went shopping at the new Kroger at Lindbergh, so I decided to grab a bite, lo and behold, 26 Thai Kitchen, a great spot to eat good food and chill.   A stone’s throw away from the Lindbergh MARTA station, the eatery  is modern with a touch of elegance but still casual and laidback.  Oh, I almost forgot, the Papaya Salad is DA BOMB!  Now to compliment the salad, I decided on coconut soup, authentic, bold and delicious. 26 Thai Kitchen eatery’s food is made from scratch, fresh, MSG free and the restaurant is in a cool loft like space. I know you were wondering did he have a drink, no! H20 (lol) was my drink of choice, now they do have a full service bar for your pleasure. So the next time you are craving Thai food, leave your car at home, take the MARTA to Lindbergh walk upstairs and Voila! You are there!  Call me, let’s do lunch, sit on the patio, chill, vibe, feast!

KeithKNOWS, Been There, KNOW That! Health is Wealth! Lucky Lotus Smoothie & Juice Bar(Ponce City Market), 675 Ponce De Leon NE, Atlanta  (404) 343-1913  Hours: M-F: 11am-9pm  Sun: 12pm-8pm  If you haven’t been to Ponce City Market, you go must go and quench your thirst at Lucky Lotus.  Lucky Lotus is the sister store to Rawesome Juicery which is located in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, ummmm ummm good, both stores elevate your wellness.   If you enjoy vegan meals, healthy smoothies and juices, this is the place.  Go Nuts!!! Gotcha..LOL, that’s the name of my favorite smoothie, it consists of peanut butter, bananas, almond milk, coconut oil, oats and dates.  My guest had the Acai Bowl which is original Acai, topped with bananas, berries, granola, coconut flakes and honey.  Lucky Lotus also offers cold press juices and wellness shots. So the next time you are in your wellness mood or at Ponce City Market, stop by and grab a smoothie, tell ‘em KeithKNOWS sent ya!

Image may contain: table, food and indoor
KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There! 640 West Community Cafe & Event Space, 640 Evans St. SW, Atlanta 30310  404-343-1932
"Meet me at 640 West", you like that, has such a nice ring to it. "Meet me at 640 West"...Ok, enuff already(LOL) I had to do it again. Let me proceed with my experience, now I've been there several times and enjoyed every moment.  I happened to see the before and after of this awesome community space. Now when you enter the space and head to the food bar, your eyes immediately go right to the desserts, German Chocolate Cake, Moist Carrot Cake, Peach Cobbler in a jar, double chocolate brownies made with tender loving care.  Now you know "Sweetness is my Weakness", I had the vanilla wafer cake with coconut and toasted pecans....yum, delish! 640 West offers a variety of food options, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, breakfast all day, coffee drinks, teas, snacks and more.  Jay White, the owner has done an excellent job in creating a space for artists, like-minded people to connect, socialize, and vibe.  640 West offers free wi-fi and plenty of street parking.  So the next time you need a space for a book club meeting, a wedding, meeting, concert, poetry reading, or just to chill, call me, I'll meet you at 640 West.
just add honey tea companyImage may contain: food
KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate  & Drank There!   "Just Add Honey", Sweet Auburn Curb Market, 209 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta 30303   (404) 314-6261   Just Add Honey   "Givin You the "Tea"   Recently, I attended a meeting at Hammonds House in the West End when I discovered "Just Add Honey" was in the "HOUSE", no pun intended(LOL).  This is where they have their Pop Up store, their main location is in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market on Edgewood.  Now, I've been to the Curb Market plenty of times, walked right by and never had time to stop.  I was so excited for the opportunity to try their teas, I've heard so many good things about them.  Just Add Honey transformed a room at Hammonds House into a quaint and cozy tea house, with  colorful tablecloths, lite bites to enjoy with your tea.  I tried the apple infused tea, it was flavorful and quite delicious, of course, I had to have a snack, so I tried the chicken salad sandwich on a croissant.  My experience was both relaxing and enjoyable.  So the next time you are in the West End area or at the Curb Market, just add some honey to your destination, you'll be glad you did.  Oh, Oh, Oh, did I mention their teas are au naturale, can also be purchased at their flagship store or online.
Photo of Lavazza - Atlanta, GA, United States. Just 5 months old, Lavazza is the newest coffee shop on the block and sure to become a regular place for coffee aficionados.
KeithKNOWS Been There, Ate There!   LavAzza Caffe, 200 Peachtree St, Downtown Atlanta 30303  470-355-1921  Lovin’ the “LavAzza” Life! Now I’ve walked pass LavAzza Caffe a million times, well, perhaps a thousand times…LOL    I always thought it was a walk up coffee shop window, well on this day I was feeling adventurous so I decided to see exactly what makes Lavazza so special, especially downtown where we have a slew of coffee shops. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the café has plenty of comfy seating, a funky ambience, wifi, discount for GSU students, also look up at the beautiful crystal chandeliers, I was impressed.  The staff greeted me with open arms, they were friendly and very accommodating.  I ordered a Caramel Macchiato, I rarely drink coffee, but when I do, I live large(LOL) The café also serves pastries, sandwiches, a variety of coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, and more. I picked up some croissants for my staff and they enjoyed every morsel.  This is going be a great spot for a business meeting, private event, book signing, they are even open on Saturdays.  I’m now a fan of LavAzza Caffe, next time you’re in the “hood”, well downtown I should say, text me, I’ll meet you there.  
Photo of Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft - Atlanta, GA, United States
KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!  Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft,  1745 Peachtree St, Atlanta 30309 (678) 539-6181 I finally got the opportunity to tantalize my taste buds for Thai food at Tuk Tuk, my friends were in town for my birthday so we decided to check it out.  The décor and furniture will take you on a journey to Thailand without leaving Atlanta, and the food doesn’t disappoint. I was not feeling too adventurous so I settled for my favorite Massaman Curry with brown rice, of course, it was flavorful, seasoned well, delicious. Now you know a brotha gotta have dessert(LOL), I had the old fashioned Thai Coconut Ice Cream, I rarely have ice cream, I enjoyed every bite. Tuk Tuk is a great spot for a date, family gathering, private event or any special occasion.

Image result for princi italia images

KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There! Princi Italia Restaurant, 171 12th St, Midtown Atlanta  (404) 709-2058  I’ve walked by this restaurant quite often when I’m in midtown, I decided to celebrate my birthday there with a buffet brunch. My experience was memorable, the staff was very attentive, professional and on point! My guest of 31 enjoyed the breakfast buffet which consisted of fresh fruit, french toast, scrambled eggs, tuscan potatoes, sausage, breakfast breads, bottomless mimosas and bellinis. They took very good care of me and my guests.  The tables were decorated elegantly with cobalt blue napkins with signature napkins holders with my name on them and vases filled with beautiful flowers. The manager and his staff stopped by to ensure we had everything we needed. I would highly recommend Princi Italia for your book club meeting, birthday celebration, private dinner, and of course, a great date spot.

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KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There! Vitality Bowls(Superfood Café), Viewpoint Condos, 855 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308  (404) 883-2371  You know I was curious about this café, what is a Vitality Bowl, well, let me tell you now that I know (L0L) I stopped in after work, I wanted something good and nutritious to eat, I was greeted by a lively and gracious staff and the manager took out time to explain to me the concept. I was able to sample various Kombucha drinks(Kombucha…fermenting drink usually tea with yeast)  my favorite was lemon ginger.    All the bowls, salads, soups, and drinks are powerhouses of nutrition, their signature dish is the Acai bowls. “Vitality bowls and smoothies contain NO ice, NO frozen yogurt, NO added sugar, NO artificial preservatives, NO trans fats, or any other fillers. Most of our ingredients are organic, depending on the season and availability, and everything is made fresh to order”  On this trip, I had a panini sandwich and the rehydrator smoothie(lemon, kale, pineapple, mint, coconut water), very nice!  Vitality Bowls café also has a coffee bar, so if you looking to re-vitalize, re-energize, tantalize and elevate your nutrition, you’ve found the right place. 

Image may contain: dessert and food

KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!   Cinnaholic Edgewood Bakery, 1230 Caroline St NE, Ste B-110, Atlanta   30307   Okay the wait is over, finally made it to “Cinnaholic” vegan cinnamon bun, I meant “rolls”, well, kinda sorta (LOL)  It’s a quaint space in the Edgewood Shopping Center off of Moreland Avenue.  Their products are dairy & lactose, egg, and cholesterol free. The rolls are displayed elegantly, so you can see exactly what you want to devour.  I had the Chocoberry cinnamon roll, a delicious glazed topped off with chocolate bites and fresh fruit.  Cinnaholic has a variety of flavors such as Gingersnap, Oreo cookies, Strawberry Jam, Macadamia Nut, Coconut, and many more.  You can have your cinnamon roll with Octane Coffee, teas, they also serve cookies and brownies.  I’m excited to go again and try another flavor, won’t you join me, on the sidewalk café, of course.   

Baked - Atlanta, GA, United States. 4 veggie plate at Baked
KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!  Baked,  480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, (Old 4th Ward) Atlanta 30312 404-948-2253  A Saturday stroll thru the Old 4th Ward I came upon "Baked" cafe n bar... Good food, fresh, casual cafe...I had the chicken salad sandwich and grilled brussels sprouts. Great spot for a quick bite, take out...laid back weekend. Baked is located in the Tribute lofts facing Boulevard.  So the next time you are in the O4W(old fourth ward), check 'em out!  
RReal Tacos - Atlanta, GA, United States. Fideos Secos a la Mexicana ($3.50) and four tacos ($2.99 each) with house salsas. See my other pictures for descriptions of each item.KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!   RREAL Tacos,  100 6th St NE, Midtown Atlanta 30308  404-458-5887   I'm always in Midtown searching for what's new, especially food wise...LOL  I spotted "RREAL TACOS", so of course, I was curious about the food.  I ordered whole wheat tacos with adobe chicken, OMG, deliciously divine...and had a very tasty salad.  This place is real cool, great spot for gathering, family, friends, to network, a date spot, colorful and artsy. I've been back at least 4 times, time you're in midtown check it out!
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KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!   Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen, 565-A Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta 30308  404-815-8787  You want Pan Asian vegan food in an elegant, laidback, casual environment,  Herban Fix is the place. I feasted on the Pad Thai dish (stir fry) & my dining guest devoured the Pom Pom mushroom steak dish, both were excellent! You know I had to have dessert,  so I kept it simple,  Carrot cake,  OMG, moist, flavorful,  I wanna another slice.( Lol) Oh, I almost forgot,  we both had beetle juice (beets and ginger) I was pleasantly surprised,  it was delicious.  This is a great venue for a private event, a date, meeting, or just to enjoy good food in a fancy setting. Be sure to checkout their Sunday Brunch, I hear it’s a great way to sample some of the menu items. 

Insomnia Cookies - Atlanta, GA, United States. My fav thing to get here: chocolate chip cookie sandwich with moose track ice cream.

KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There! Insomniac Cookies, 930 Spring Street, Midtown Atlanta 303039  877-6326654 If sweetness is your weakness, early in the wee hours, well at least til 3am, Insomnia Cookies is the place to satisfy your sugar fix. Now, if you want ice cream, they got it, brownies a lode, sinful. .they got that Warm, Delicious, Delivered right to your dorm, I mean door, they are located near Georgia Tech campus in a new student housing complex.

Lov'n It Live - East Point, GA, United States. Avocado appetizer

KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!   Lov’n it Live,  2796 East Point Street  East Point, Georgia 30344  404.765.9220  Livin’ and Lovin’ the Good Food Life!   It’s Small Business Saturday, so my fellow YELP elite member and I join forces to support local small businesses.  We had planned to venture to Medu bookstore at Greenbriar Mall, after supporting, Shrine Bookstore and Cultural Center on the West End.  On our way to Greenbriar, we wanted some good and delicious to eat, so we stopped in East Point at “Lov’n It Live. Yes, Lov’n It Live…food prepared with tender loving care.  We both had the same appetizer, half avocado stuffed with nut meat, tomatoes, and bell peppers, presented elegantly, it was heavenly divine!  (smile) For my entree, I had the personal pan pizza scrumptious slice made with kamut bread, topped with spinach, tomato sauce, pine nut cheese, onions, chopped tomatoes, black olives, Sage crumbles and red bell peppers.  My dining guest had tacos, two crisp flaxseed-sun flower shells stuffed with sage crumbles, pine nut cheese, avocado, tomato. We both agreed our entrees were good, however, the appetizer was Da BOMB!  (LOL) Now keep in mind, all the food is fresh, organic, all natural, no additives or preservatives and prepared while you wait, so allow yourself, at least 20 minutes before the food arrives, so sip on some good ole’ Sorrel(Hibiscus flower, ginger and birch xylitol as a sweetener) The restaurant is cozy, casual and  quaint, white table linen on all the tables, tasteful artwork lined the walls, and good music. If you've being meaning to try a vegan or live food restaurant, Lov’n It Love, won’t disappoint.  

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KeithKNOWS Been There, Eat There!  Savi Provisions, 988 Peachtree St, Midtown  30309    So excited Savi Provisions opened this week in Midtown. Savi is a gourmet, local shop providing deli foods, bakery, snacks, prepared fresh foods on the go, some organic favorites, wine and beer.  I usually buy quite a few of my favorite organic items such as Noble Aloe Mint juice, Endangered Species dark chocolate, and many more.  Also, there’s sitting in the upper level, order some dessert, sandwich, and chill.

Ruscello - Atlanta, GA, United States

KeithKNOWS Been There, Eat There!  Ruscello Restaurant, Perimeter Mall (Nordstroms), 4390 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE, Atlanta 30346  On my recent visit to Perimeter Mall, I had lunch at Ruscello's formerly "Nordstrom Cafe".  Ruscello's is a snazzy, modern,  comfy restaurant tucked away on the 4th Floor of Nordstrom's. I was eager to try the "Salmon Nicoise Salad", which is grilled salmon,  mixed greens, capers, red onions, grilled potatoes, string beans, sliced boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. Delish!  Of course, you know I must have dessert, so I tried the apple cinnamon torta(pie) topped with vanilla bean gelato.  This is a great spot for lunch, reasonably priced, and a great value. So the next time you're at Perimeter, let's do lunch.

Proof Bakeshop - Atlanta, GA, United States. Togo stuffKeithKNOWS Been There, Eat There!  Proof Bakery, 100 Hurt St SE, Atlanta (Inman Park)  30307  (678) 705-3905 Homemade goodies. I had the ginger molasses lemon dessert, u see whats left of it! :)  The bakery offers lots of goodies and some breakfast items.  The staff was friendly, engaging, a great spot to hang with friends, family, etc.  The bakery is located right near the Inman Park MARTA, so it's very convenient.  On my next visit, hmmm, perhaps, I'll have a sandwich, since the bread is homemade.

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KeithKNOWS Been There, Eat There!  East Wave Fusion, 60 Luckie Street, Downtown Atlanta 30303  (on Broad Street, next to Smoothie King) Mon-Sat: 10:30am-7:30pm Making “Waves” on Broad Street! There’s a new kid(restaurant) in town, known for its deep rooted cultural, fast, casual cuisine. Welcome to the “hood” East Wave Fusion” food freshly made every day with the freshest ingredients. On my visit, I had the Kale Salad, chopped kale, tossed in  housemade black sesame dressings, layered with fresh corn, onions, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and topped with Louisiana spiced blackened shrimp. Very tasty, delectably divine..LOL  To quench my thirst, flavorful jasmine green bubble tea made with lactaid milk, for those of us who are lactose intolerant. Hmmmm, next time I visit, I’ll do dessert, how does “green tea cheesecake” sound? The restaurant offers an array of items such as, sushi, soup, salads, seafood gumbo, salmon, ribs, chicken items, fried rice, egg rolls, tacos, wings, even lobster rolls, so much more!! Wow! So if you are downtown “holla” at me, let’s do lunch, you won’t be disappointed! 

Le Macaron - Atlanta, GA, United States. Macarons; colors of the rainbows.

KeithKNOWS Been there, “KNOW” That!!!   Le Macaron(French pastries), 855 Peachtree St NE, Midtown Atlanta 30308   404-963-5495    Anyone that knows me, know that I’m always looking for cool places to “CHILL”  Well, there’s a new dessert spot, “Le Macaron”,  in Midtown, across from CVS.  A very comfortable, laid back environment, decorated with flair.  Le Macaron offers homemade gelato, coffee, teas, cakes and of course, “A mouthful of Heaven” macarons (Smile)  This is a great spot for a date, small meeting, or just to unwind.  On my visit, I had the Arabian coffee gelato, and a sample of the Madagascar Black Vanilla macarons, yummy!

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KeithKNOWS, been there, KNOW THAT!  Sweet Hut Bakery & Café, 935 Peachtree St, Midtown Atlanta 30309  404-600-4822 Hours: Sunday-Thursday 8am-12am; Friday-Saturday 8am-1am (There’s another location in Doraville and coming soon to Duluth)

Sweetness Weakness! “ Stressed spell backwards is DESSERTS” bet you didn’t know that!(LOL) Sweet Hut is a dessert experience like no other. It’s an elegant spot, with leather seats and a diverse mixture of people.  You have two options for desserts, self serve or order from the display case or both.  They also offer desserts to go, small amount of foods, plenty of drinks, hot or cold such as bubble teas, coffee, mochas, etc.  Did I mention they have free wifi, an outdoor patio, FREE 2 hours parking, close to MARTA.  It’s a great spot to meet, mix and mingle, chill, stay awhile. (The café is located on the lower level of the Metropolis high rise)

KeithKNOWS, been there, Ate There!  Zinburger, 3393 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta(Lenox Mall)

Where can you find a relaxed, casual atmosphere, food with that homemade taste, fresh squeezed lemonade, fresh salads, sandwiches, an exceptional wait staff, no it’s not your five star restaurant…gotcha! It’s “ZinBurger” the latest restaurant addition to Lenox Square Mall.  No, it’s not in the food court, it’s at the front of the Mall, Peachtree st. side, right next to True Food and Sprinkles cupcakes.  What’s so unique about this burger joint? Well, let me tell you.  I enjoyed a delicious turkey sloppy joe topped with poblano peppers(without the seed, so it’s not spicy)and my side was sweet potato fries(light, not greasy).  My dining guest had the same, his side was crispy zucchini fries…so good! I rarely eat fried food but I enjoyed Zinburger. The restaurant is sleek, modern, energetic, reasonably priced, and there’s also a full service bar. So the next time you’re at Lenox, check them out.

“Truly Living Well, Food for Life Supreme!True Food Restaurant @ Lenox Mall, 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta 30326 404-481-2980  KeithKNOWS, Been There, Ate There!

“I just recently return from my hometown VA(Virginia) where the deers and foxes do play(LOL)..just teasing, now that I’ve gotten your attention. True food opened while I was in Virginia so I was excited to check it out!  If you are looking for a restaurant with good food that’s simply delicious, look no further.  Food that’ll keep you fit for life! True food uses the freshest ingredients, meals fresh to order. The restaurant is eco-friendly with an open air atmosphere, quaint and comfortable.  Now let’s get to the real reason I’m at True Food, the food! I was starved, so I wanted something hearty, I tried the Turkey Lasagna(spinach, ricotta cheese, organic tomatoes)  and sipped on a coconut water mixer(coco nut water, pineapple, vanilla, OJ )now that’s real good food. For dessert, I had the chocolate flourless cake, you heard me, flourless cake…light, sweet, chocolatey, ”Da BOMB!(LOL)  This is a great restaurant for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free diets, there’s something for everyone. The prices are reasonable and the menu’s diverse with items such as, natural refreshments, entrees, salads, sandwiches, starters, wine, cocktails and beers. I’m excited to visit True Food again, if you go before I do, let me know what you think or call me, let’s meet for dinner”

KeithKNOWS, been there, Ate There!   Panbury’s Double Crust Pies, (inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market) 209 Edgewood Avenue, Downtown Atlanta  30303 404-500-1279   New at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, single serve hand pies,  just opened over a week ago. “Pie Power”  While elevating Small Business by having a scavenger hunt at the curb market, I discovered Panbury’s Double Crust Pies. I was greeted with such warmth and friendliness, I knew I had to try a pie, well, I ate 2 apple pies and bought 2 additional pies to take home.(LOL)  What I  really like about Panbury’s, their pies are homemade fresh from the oven. While I tried the fruit pies, some of the guests from the scavenger hunt were more adventuresome, some tried the roasted lamb pie, spinach and feta, and green thai chicken curry.  The menu consists of variety of pies, beef, chicken, veggies, and sweets.  Panbury’s also has small bites, sides and extras such as a kale salad, potato salad, beverages and more. Lunch anyone? Let’s go to the curb market, I’ll treat!

Image may contain: food

"Sprinkles" Cupcakes & Ice Cream,Cookies, Brownies and an mini cupcakes ATM @ Lenox Mall KNOW More:

Since we opened the world's first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills, our freshly baked treats have inspired long lines of devoted Hollywood stars and serious epicureans alike.Sprinkles Cupcakes are handcrafted from the finest ingredients, including sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh bananas and carrots, real strawberries and natural citrus zests.
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Rawsome Juicery, 209 Edgewood Avenue, Downtown Atlanta 30303 (inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market)  404-996-6698  KeithKNOWS Been there, KNOW That!  Now if you haven't been, what are you waiting for? If you come during lunch the line is waaay long. My favorite salad is rawsome remix(spring mix, kale, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, quinoa, almonds, craisins) your choice of cheese, I prefer gorgonzola, and my dressing choice, Tahini is excellent with this salad.  "Refresh" is my favorite fresh pressed juice(pineapple, mint, apple..with a touch of ginger)  Rawsome also offers various wraps, shots, smoothies, goodness to elevate your wellness.

Revolution Doughnuts, 908 West College Avenue, Decatur 30030  678-927-9920 KeithKNOWS, been there, KNOW that!   For Real “Dough”!   Have you ever dreamed of doughnuts that were gluten free, all natural, made from scratch, and definitely delicious. (  vegan and vegetarian optional).  Well, wake up the dream is over,  Revolution doughnuts to the rescue.   You must try my favorites, orange pistachio and dark chocolate, yummy for my tummy!(smile)  Now I must warn you, these doughnuts are a hot commodity, people drive across Atlanta just to get them.   I see your eyes are glazed over with excitement, now when you go, avoid Mondays, they are closed.  So spread the word, healthy doughnuts dominate the ATL.(smile) Don’t forget Revolution also has organic coffee and an expresso bar.

KeithKNOWS been there, Ate There:     A Latin Twist of Flavor!     Alma Cocina, 191 Peachtree Street, Downtown Atlanta   191 Peachtree Street, Downtown Atlanta   404-968-9662

I was really excited to support another downtown Atlanta restaurant, so I suggested Alma Cocina to a couple of friends for lunch.  Alma Cocina offers authentic Mexican cuisine and a variety of  latin flavors in a fancy and friendly environment.  My dining guests and I, started our menu with an excellent Pineapple/Ginger drink, we passed on appetizers, and ordered our meal right away.   We all ordered Tortas(sandwiches),  first guest: the Cubano which is achiote-braised pork, Bentons ham, Swiss cheese, house pickles, black bean puree, mustard mojo—2nd guest: BARBACOA-BRAISED SHORT RIB chile rajas, chipotle, caramelized Vidalia onions, tomatillo-avocado, queso asadero, cilantro, roasted garlic aio and me….CHICKEN ADOBO Sweet Grass Dairy goat cheese, vegetable escabeche, avocado, adobo sauce, I also ordered a tasty Mango Salad(w/avocados, strips of tortilla chips, lettuce, grapefruit, red onion),  the sandwiches came with paper thin slices of plantain,  a lil’ spicy but tasty.  Can you believe it? I didn't have dessert, well..I'm cutting back on Sweets, yeah right!  Let's just say I'm opting for less sugar and organic if possible(smile).   I was very happy with my choices, my guests reserved their opinion,  however, we definitely wanted to come back and checkout dinner.  Overall, the experience was pleasurable, the restaurant also offers validated parking and online reservations.  So if you happen to be downtown and you’re craving latin flavors, stop in and check them out, I heard the bar has excellent drinks. 

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Mario I believe you are thinking of  Ladell Hill creator of Chuice. His page on Facebook is Chuice or 

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I'm looking for the the juice man I thought was featured on keithknows site.  A Brother, with his own brand of juices locally....anyone knows of whom i speak????  Holler Back, thanks!

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